Here you can find what you should be working on this week. If you have any questions please reach out to me via email! I will be updating and changing stories each week.


Each week students should...

1. Read the two posted stories and answer the corresponding questions.  Please read the story aloud more than once!  This will help with fluency and will help you answer the corresponding questions. Highlight important details. If you are stuck on a question go back to the text and look for key words to help you!

Click here for Week 1 Stories! 


2. Read/listen to a book of their choice. This can be a book from home, or a through a read-aloud video linked on my website. After reading, please respond to the reading in some way. This can be through the Reading Log To Do worksheet or by responding to a self-selected question. Additional copies of the Reading Log are accessible online through my website as well as additional Fundations lined paper (if you choose to use it). 
*This will require more support so only do this if your family has the time is able to complete.*

Click here for the Reading Log!


3. Writing: Pick two writing prompts from the March Writing Prompt pdf. on my page. You can answer the prompt on a Fundations sheet that I included on my website or on any paper you have at home. Remember to check your punctuation, spelling, and your beginning and ending sounds.  If you want, draw a picture to go with your writing!

Click here for March Writing Prompts!

Click here for Fundations sheets!


Listed below are resources you can also use while you are off...

StoryOnline - Listen to your favorite story! 

Unite for Literacy -  Short stories students can read!

Into the Book - Work on summarizing, inferring, making questions, and more!



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