Each week students should complete the following...

1. Practice Fundations sounds and trick words.  There is a downloadable link under this message with all the Fundations sounds and trick words that we've learned thus far for students to review. Students can practice by saying the sounds or by building words with the sounds (fang, ball, pink, junk, shake, make, thank, etc.). This can be completed independently or with someone at home!

Click here for Fundations Trick Words!

Click here for Fundations Sound Practice!

Click here for More Fundations Sound Practice!


2.  Practice sight-words. I included a pdf. of sight-word cards for you to download or, you can make your own from the list I posted. This does not have to be done solely through drill and practice each day. Change it up! A fun way to do this is to have them try to make sentences out of the sight words. 

Click here for Sight Word Flashcards!


3. Writing: Pick two writing prompts from the March Writing Prompt pdf. on my page. You can answer the prompt on one of the Fundations sheets or on any paper you have at home. Remember to check your punctuation, spelling, and your beginning and ending sounds.  If you want, draw a picture to go with your writing!

Click here for the March Writing Prompts!

Click here for Fundations sheets!


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