Each week students should...

Addition and Subtraction: Practice addition and subtraction fact fluency.  You can download the addition and subtraction flashcards below or, you can create your own at home.  Have fun with this!  Time yourself, make it a game, practice with people at home! Parents/guardians use manipulatives in your house to help aide students. You could use coins, rip small pieces of paper, cubes, even small toys! Create your own addition and subtraction problems using manipulatives.

Click here for Addition and Subtraction Flashcards!

Please practice sight words, letter sounds, digraph sounds, and vowel sounds at home.  I've attached a pdf with pages listing all the sounds your students know.  During this time I would also like students to practice sight words. This does not have to be done solely through drill and practice each day. Change it up! A fun way to do this is to have them try to make sentences out of the sight words. You can download and print the sight word cards I've attached or you can write the words on cards at home.  

Click here for Sounds!

Click here for Sight Words!


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