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Science - March 24-27 

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(If you do not have a printer, just write your answers on paper with your name and date. Then put it in your homework folder. Another idea is to use a notebook to write down your answers. Remember to date your page.)

Assignment: Package Engineering

  1. Find a package in your house. Think "outside the box" when choosing your package.

  2. Examine the package.

  3. Watch this video to meet a packaging engineer. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POVCe_Plcso

  4. Answer these questions about the function (purpose) of the box you chose:

    • Does it contain something (keep something in a space)?
    • Does it communicate ideas (give information to someone using it)?
    • Does it carry something (hold something while it's being moved)?
    • Does it display something (present or show something for people to see)?
    • Does it dispense something (release something in a controlled way)?
    • Does it preserve something (keep something fresh and clean)?
  5. Create an advertisement for the package you examined. It could be a video, poster, magazine ad, persuasive letter, or more.

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