MATH - March 24-27

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(If you do not have a printer, just write your answers on paper with your name and date. Then put it in your homework folder. Another idea is to use a notebook to write down your answers. Remember to date your page.)

Assignment:  Elapsed Time

  1. Read and complete the learning and practice pages from Lesson 16.5 Elapsed.  (print material attached)
  2. Watch the Khanacademy video about elapsed time using this link:
  3. Continue on the Khanacademy link and complete the practice problems.
  4. Complete Math in Focus Workbook p. 159-162.  (print material attached)
  5. Complete the Elapsed Time practice pages.  (print material attached)

Extra Practice Optional Assignment Task on Elapsed Time:   Using the schedule you created in Extra Practice Assignment Task from March 19-23, find how much time elapsed between two of your activities. For example, how much time elapsed between your breakfast and your lunch?

STAY STRONG with your FACTS throughout the coming weeks:   Spend some time on Reflex Math at the link:

STAY STRONG with your FRACTION KNOWLEDGE throughout the coming weeks:  Log in to at the link: Use the username and password that was sent to your parent/guardian. Fraction videos, lessons, and practice problems are ready for you to use. The activities start with the basics and then cover everything we have learned. 

STAY STRONG with ALL MATH SKILLS  throughout the coming weeks: Log in to Study Island at the link: - Go to the class: "FARR - Math Flexible Learning" to practice any of the math topics (skills) we have learned.

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