Dear Instrumental Families,


Thank you so much to those who sent their funny instrument pictures! They really did bring a huge smile and lots of laughter during the week. If you would like to still send one, please do!


**Be on the lookout for a Google Classroom invite this coming week**

Starting next week- students can post, ask questions, and submit assignments/videos through this platform.


Please see the plan for instrumental students for this week.


As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Ms. Greenberg


Week of April 6th-April 9th

As you continue to log your practice minutes, please also participate in the following activity below:


-Watch this video by clicking HERE and write to Ms. Greenberg by answering the following questions: 

During these times, when do I practice? Morning, afternoon, or night? 

What days of the week do I practice? 

What room do I usually practice in?

How long do I practice for? 

What can help me practice effectively?

What other activities (besides my instrument) do I practice during the week?

Here is Ms. Greenberg's example response below (Student responses can be shorter):

When I was in college, I usually practiced in the afternoon. This was after my morning classes but before my evening orchestra rehearsals.  I now usually practice in the evening on weekdays and in the morning on weekends. I like to practice at least a little bit every day around 30 minutes but that is sometimes very challenging to do during a very busy week. I use to practice for HOURS when I was studying in high school and college! But I am trying to practice even more with the time we have at home now.  When I practice, it helps me to have my phone in a different room and with all other distractive noises off such as the Alexa radio or TV. I like to practice in my living room near my piano so I can try to play on both. My husband plays some musical instruments so it is always more fun to practice together. I also like to practice dot painting! It has become a hobby of mine within the past few years. The more I practice applying paint dots, the better they turn out. I usually like to paint in the mornings when the sun is shining. Attached is a picture of one of my paintings (of course, inspired by music)☺🎵🎻

Instrument Painting.JPG

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