Daily Meeting: We begin each day with a meeting.  We start with a greeting, read and interact with a daily message, share, and play a game. This is a great time to get to know one another and to build a happy and positive classroom environment!


Language Arts:  Students will learn how to read and write through the use of the Benchmark Literacy program.  Students will participate in whole group instruction and small group instruction (guided reading) using leveled readers. Students will learn phonics through the use of the Wilson Fundations program.


Math: Children will learn number identification, counting skills, shape recognition, patterning skills, and place value through the use of the Eureka Math program.  We use manipulatives and games on a regular basis to learn the concepts introduced in this program.


Science: Our science curriculum includes activities, songs, and stories about trees, our five senses, and the seasons.


Social Studies: Students learn about holidays and our families.


Library:  Students have a library class each week.  They can take home a new book each week to share with their family.


Gym, Music, and Art:  Students will have several opportunities in the fall and spring to participate in gym, music, and art classes.

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