kid writing    Kid writing

1.    Have your child think of an idea to write about and then draw a picture to illustrate the idea.

2.   Ask your child to tell you about the drawing.  Repeat the child's story back as one complete sentence.  Say one word at a time, emphasizing the sounds your child is ready to write.

3.   Ask, "Do you hear any letters in the word ______?"  Allow the child to write the letters they hear.

4.   If your child cannot identify any letter sounds, encourage them to use a magic line (horizontal blank line) in place of the unknown word.

5.   Praise the child for great kid writing.  Then write the story in adult writing underneath (be careful about spelling, print clearly and use capital letters only where they belong).  While doing the adult writing, ignore mistakes and instead point out any elements of your child's writing that match the adult writing.

6.   Have your child read the story back to you, touching the writing while reading.

7.   Remember to celebrate and praise your child for their attempts at writing!


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