Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Math in Focus®: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish is the U.S. version of Singapore’s most popular and proven math curriculum. Based on the framework developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education, Math in Focus represents authentic Singapore math, draws on best practices from around the world, and highlights problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning.

  • Supports the big ideas in the Common Core through a focus on classroom learning, discussion, practice, and problem solving
  • Offers an effective, research-based pedagogy and balances conceptual understanding, visual learning, and problem solving to help all students achieve greater success


The Visual Approach of Singapore Math


The Singapore math process introduces a middle step between the concrete and abstract called the pictorial approach. This is where students use physical objects to demonstrate how to solve equations. It also asks students and teachers to draw a diagram of the concepts going they are working on. They learn to use model drawing to solve and better understand word problems. The pictorial approach allows students to have a tactile experience instead of trying to imagine the problem in their heads. By having students in Singapore math diagram the elements of the word problem they develop a strong understanding of why a solution works.


The program has a unique framework with a focus on building problem-solving skills and an in-depth understanding of essential math skills. Students are not just talking about concepts but seeing it through hands-on activities. They are not just learning it for the tests, there are reteaching and enrichment opportunities to retain lessons, which are foundational mathematical pieces that build upon the skills that students need for the real world. Ultimately,they will be college ready with a solid foundation for further math learning. 


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