Day 4: Making Symmetric Shapes and Patterns 

Lesson Objectives:

  • Design your own symmetric pattern

  • Complete a symmetric shape or pattern



  • Student Textbook page 211

  • Grid paper

  • Coloring materials


Lesson Steps:

  1. Today you are going to design your own symmetric pattern. To begin, please read Student Book Page 211.

  1. Hands-On Activity

    1. Divide the grid paper in halves by drawing a dotted line down the center from top to bottom. 

    2. Color a square on the left side of the grid paper.

    3. Color a square on the right side of the paper to form a symmetric pattern.

    4. Continue coloring the left side, then the right side until you have designed your own symmetric pattern.

    5. Take a photo of your design and send it to your teacher or upload it on Google Classroom.

  2. Extension Activities - Build a symmetric pattern using Legos, blocks, or any items in your house.

  3. Please take a picture and upload all work and post on Google Classroom. You can access Google Classroom through the link below and my class code is   wcred7p




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