Day 3: Making Symmetric Shapes and Patterns 

Lesson Objectives:

  • Draw a shape or pattern about a line of symmetry 

  • Complete a symmetric shape or pattern


Materials: Copies of all are attached in Google Classroom - 

  • Student Textbook pages 208-210

  • Student Workbook pages 127-128, and 131

  • Grid Paper

Lesson Steps:

  1. Watch this video to review what we learned in Day 1 and 2 about lines of symmetry: Khan Academy Symmetry Video (5 min)

  2. Learn: Today you are going to draw symmetrical patterns and figures! To begin, please read Student Textbook Pages 208-210 or listen to a teacher read and explain them to you here: Day 3 Teacher Read Aloud of Symmetry Textbook Pages 

  3. Give it a try! Complete Workbook p. 127-128. For challenging practice, try Put on Your Thinking Cap! Workbook p. 131


Youtube link for Teacher Read Aloud of Symmetry Pages (in case above link doesn’t work):


Please take a picture and upload all work and post on Google Classroom. You can access Google Classroom through the link below and my class code is   wcred7p




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