Day 3 to 5- Water Cycle Extension Activities


Choose at least two of the following activities to complete over the next three days.  Record your results with pictures, by making a video or in a written summary and share it with your teacher on google classroom or through email.


  1.  Create a Mini Water Cycle



  1.  Cloud in a Bottle


  1. Making a Rain Gauge to see how much precipitation actually falls during a storm

  1.  Create a Water Cycle Song or Poem- 

Everyone loves a catchy song like the one below to help them remember something new.  Can you create a song or poem that will help your classmates remember the stages of the water cycle?  Write and record what you create and share it with your teacher.


  1. Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation with Cups


  1.  Brain Pop-  Watch the Brainpop video and take the quiz.  Send your teacher a screenshot of your results.  Brainpop access Login: Haverfordsd_1 Password: Brainpop


  1. Student Choice-  Come up with your own way to further explore the water cycle.  Maybe make a video, a comic strip, a diagram/drawing, the options are endless for your creativity.

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