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Hi Math Students!

In addition to the lessons posted for your grade level, please visit the following resources to get some extra practice.

Multiplication Practice

Reflex Math - Log on and play until you get a green dot.

Website: Reflex Math

Login: Parkerson345

Password:  Student's individual word + lunch number (same as their password for the chromebooks)

TimesTables.com - Extra practice on specific facts (i.e.8 times tables, etc).  No login necessary.  Students can word through until they get a "diploma".  

Website:  https://www.timestables.com/


Mixed Math Review

Mr. Nussbaum - LOTS of choices here.  Games, lessons, and extra practice!  We have used "Fraction Pal" and "Divide Pal" in class and the kids LOVE it.

Website: https://mrnussbaum.com/

AimsWeb Mixed Practice - We do these weekly in school, so students are familiar with them.  There are two types of AimsWeb practice prompts:  Computations and Applications.  Students should do one of each.  Directions are the same for both types.  Click below to download the grade level prompt you would like to work on:

Grade 3 Applications

Grade 3 Computation

Grade 4 Applications

Grade 4 Computation

Grade 5 Applications

Grade 5 Computation

Directions:  Set a timer for 8 minutes.  Students should do all the problems they can complete in 8 minutes.  When the timer is up, students can use the last page to self-grade the practice.  Usually, we then go back and make corrections or practice the ones we didn't know how to do.  Feel free to reach out to me with questions about specific problems!

Greg Tang Math Challenge - Students can practice different Math Skills by following the game board and recording their progress!

Grade 3 Math Challenge

Grade 4 Math Challenge

Grade 5 Math Challenge




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