• Important Homeroom Information

2019-2020 Classroom Rules

Our 4-G family have developed our classroom rules during the first week of school.

-Be safe and kind

-Take care of yourself

-Take care of our room

Specials Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Physical Education

Wednesday: Music Art

Thursday: Art 

Friday: Guidance/Computers

Homework Policy

Please check your child's homework book each night so that together we can ensure completion of assignments. Homework needs to be completed on time and brought to class on the day it is due.

Yay! Birthdays!

We love to celebrate birthdays, especially the first double-digit birthday! If you would like to send in a treat, we will be thrilled, but please be certain it is from the safe food list. If you child has a summer birthday, we would be happy to celebrate at any time during the year. Half birthdays are fine, too. Please be certain that the treat is nut-free. Below are some ideas for alternative birthday celebrations. Thank you!

*Donate a book to our classroom library inscribed with a birthday message

*Read a favorite book to your child's class

*Teaching the class a simple craft, art activity or game

*Provide a small token for each child in honor of your student's birthday

*Engage the class in a cultural activity that will expose our students something unique about a your child's background


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