• Absence Procedures

 Absence Procedures

 The School District of Haverford Township is now mandated by the PA Department of Education to collect attendance data through an electronic reporting system called the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS). In an effort to insure the accuracy of our reporting, we need your cooperation. Please be certain your child has an attendance note for time missed in school. This includes absences, late arrivals and early dismissals. 

The SDHT considers the following conditions as reasonable cause for absence from school.

• Student illness
• Danger to health from serious exposure
• Quarantine
• Recovery from accident
• Required court attendance
• Death in family
• Doctor or dentist appointment when necessary during school hours

All absences are automatically default to unexcused so a written note must be received within three days of an absence. Once your child accrues three unexcused absences, you may receive an automatically generated letter identifying your child as truant. To avoid this, please be sure to return a written excuse to your child's homeroom teacher within three days of their return to school. You may write your own note or use the school's note.

You may write your own absence/late/early dismissal note or use the school provided note:

Absence Note 

Prearranged Absence 


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