Hi 4-C ELA Families,

Thank you for your support and patience as we all navigate flexible learning. When submitting work, you may do it in a few ways. The options are have your child submit a google doc from their Haverford account, or you can email it to me, or take a picture and send it to me. The work should be completed by Friday, March 27th. I understand if you need some more time as well. Families have a different amount of devices, some parents are working from home while taking care of children. We are all in this together, and please make it work for you and your family, however that may be. The work for this week is listed below. In order to get the attachments you must click on red link above titled Flexible Learning Week #2 March 23-27:


1. Word Study: Choose 10 Words from last weeks word study/spelling words and create sentences. Remember to begin sentences with a capital letter and use end punctuation. 

**See the attachment shows the 48 words with alphabet as the first word and washer as the last word. Choose 10 words!


2. Reading Comprehension: Read the following 3 (short) passages, Fascinating Creature, Black History Timeline and Lou Gehring. Answer the comprehension questions that follow. 


**See the attachment Pages 1-7 for the reading passages.


3. Independent Reading: Read for about 20-30 minutes daily! 


4. Writing:  Choose one writing prompt from the March Calendar and write to that prompt. If it is a prompt that doesn't involve too much writing, please choose a second prompt.  Remember to use detail and good grammar. Have an adult help you edit your writing!


**See the attachment for the March Calendar. Everyday of March there is a prompt.




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