Hi 4-C Language Arts!  I miss being at Lynnewood with you while we are all home. On my webpage you will find your classwork. There will be reading and assignments that you can do. I can't wait to read your writing and see all of the wonderful work you'll complete. :)


1. Reading Lesson

You need your text for close reading (pages 87 and 88).Please do the following by Friday.

1. Read Danger on a Mountain on page 87 and complete the missing two pieces of missing evidence. You need the Danger on a Mountain word document attachment.

2. Read Wise Words on page 88. Answer the four multiple choice questions. You need the Wise Words word document attachment.

2. Word Study

We are learning the ch,gh,ph, sh patterns. Please do the following by Friday:

1. Read over page 1 that introduces the words/patterns with examples.

2. Read through the words.

3. Complete the Spelling patterns worksheet.

4. Complete Choose The Word worksheets (there are 2). They look similar, but they are different.

3. Writing

Please write 2 responses by Friday. Use the reading response starters and write 6-8 sentences for each response. You can write the response on paper, or type it. If you type it, please email me. I would LOVE to read your writing!

4. Independent Reading

Read for 20 minutes each day! You may read a book of choice at home or log onto https://www.getepic.com. The class code is utt3998.


Parents, please email me with any questions. Thank you for your support!

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