Early Literacy Skills Builder Sight Words

ELSB is our Functional Reading Program

Each level is broken down into 

Sight Words, Reading words in Sentences, Say/point to a repeated storyline, Responding to literal questions from a story, demonstrating syllable segmentation, demonstrating sounding out words (CVC), letter sound correspondences (see Fundations video), identifying first/last sounds in words, identifying pictures that begin and end with given sounds, point to letter sounds in words, blend sounds to identify pictures, and pointing to pictures that represent new vocabulary.

Sight Words

Level One: boy, girl, friend,

Level Two: me, is

Level Three: want, he

Level Four:  my, are

Level Five: like, give

Level Six: where, have

Level Seven: was, does


Point to sight words to complete sentences.

Please use the words above to create sentences and read them with your child.


Point to text as it is read.

When reading stories with you child and point to words as you read. This teaches text direction (left to right and top to bottom)


Say or point to words to complete a story line. 

If you are reading a story where sentences repeat from page to page pause to allow your child  to finish the reading. 


Respond to literal questions  about a story. 

Please ask your child: Who is in the story? What happened in the story? Where did the story take place? What is going to happen next in the story?  What is the main idea of the story? 


Demonstrate syllable segmentation:

Clapping out sounds in words. Our students love to clap out their names and their friends names. We always clap out favorite foods or characters (i.e. pizza, chicken, Moana, Elsa, Maui, Olaf, Hulk, Ironman)


Demonstrate sounding out words:

Tapping out sounds your hear in words. Please see the phonics tabs in CVC words. 


Identifying letter sounds: 

Please the Fundations link below

ELSB Specific Sounds

Level one: /m/

Level Two: /a/ /s/ 

Level Three: /r/ /t/ 

Level Four:  /f/ /o/

Level Five: /l/ /g/

Level Six: /d/ /u/

Level Seven: /i/ /h/


Point to and/or say the first/last sounds in words:

Please see the CVC links below and discuss the first and last sounds in words (beginning spelling skills)


Identify pictures that begin/end with given sounds:

Look at pictures or toys and say which one begins with the /m/ (whatever sounds your child is working on).

Point to letter sounds in words

Please see the CVC resources below

example: lip sounds out to  /l/ /i/ /p/

Point to pictures representing new vocabulary 

Level one: boy, friend, girl

Level Two: feelings: happy, sad, mad, excited, scared

Level Three: pets: dog, cat, rabbit, snake

Level Four:  actions: play, read, swim, shop

Level Five: places: pool, zoo, park, bowling alley

Level Six: birthday party: birthday, cake, sing, game (match word to picture)

Level Seven: items to give others: presents, clothes, toy, book, song, game (match word to picture)

Sight Word Resources










Please watch the link below to review the Fundations Letter Sounds video. 


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