Social Skills

  • Eat at least one meal together as a family 

  • Have a back and forth conversation at meal times! 

  • Make a comment about what another family member is talking about

  • Play a board game that requires taking turns (Candyland is a favorite in our room)

  • Play the game Memory 

  • Give a compliment to a person in your family


Personal Information

  •  Practice telling your family members your:

    • First and last name

    • Birthday

    • Age

    • Address

    • Parent/s cell phone number

    • Parent/s first and last name


Language Arts

Listen to a story each day of the week! 

It can be the same story or a different one each day 

  • Point to the words as they are being read (left to right, top to bottom)

  • Try to find your sight words in the story

  • Try to find pictures from the story that starts with the letter sounds that we are working on

  • If the story has a line that repeats on each page allow the student to read that line

  • Tell another family member who was in the story they just heard 

  • Tell another family member your favorite part of the story. 


Fine Motor/Writing

  • Trace/copy or write first and last name

  • Trace vertical lines, horizontal lines, and curves 

  • Practice recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

  • Cut out shapes 

  • Draw a picture of yourself 

  • Color a picture of your favorite characters



Practice these skills each day 

  • Count as high as you can! 

  • Use flashcards to practice recognizing numbers 

  • After being shown/ told a number count that many objects (i.e. legos, blocks, cars, dolls, forks, spoons) 

  • Take toys and sort them by different categories i.e. shape, color, size  or by characters toy story vs. Peppa, frozen vs Moana, 

  • Make a pattern using your toys, body (clap, stomp nod, clap, stomp nod)


Life Skills 

  • Practice washing hands

  • Brush your teeth

  • Get dressed all by yourself 

  • Help fold laundry (washcloths)

  • Match socks

  • Set the table 

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