Dear LSS Families, 

We have a short week this week and today was a beautiful weather day! 

Thank you for all of your hard work! I know it is not easy to be home all day, work and help your children with their school work! I loved seeing all of your videos and pictures! Please let me know if I can do anything else to help support you through this quarantine. If your child is struggling with anything please reach out, I can write a social story or even talk to them!

I will once again be sending out individual learning charts to each of you after this email. I have tested all of the links and believe each link is ready for you! We were able to gain access to our Early Literacy Skills Builder reading program digitally! You should have received log in information (from Attainment Company)  Friday afternoon with logins and passwords. If you did not receive this email please let me know. 

I want to remind you that this program is taught using the errorless teaching philosophy. This means that students are asked questions then given clues until they get the right answer. The digital program is SLOW. I am trying to play with the settings to help speed it up but it is slow. In school I can get through it quicker. I recommend only spending 15 minutes  working on the program then finish the lesson another day. It's ok to not finish a lesson a day. We rarely finish a full lesson in one day, especially at the higher levels.  Some days 15 minutes may be too much time and other days it works great. 

The script to the program is the exact same each day. As adults we think this is boring but it is really helpful to the students to know the routine of the lesson and only have to focus on the new skills.  If you have any questions or struggles, please reach out. 

Enjoy our short week and the beautiful weather!! 


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