Welcome to Mr.Fulton's Physical Education

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My three goals:   

1. Focus: Grading - Students will be graded based on Effort,  Participation, and Cooperation.

3 = Exceeds Expectations / Outstanding - High level of Effort, Participation, and Cooperation. The student also motivates and/or encourages others at least 90% of the time.

2 = Meets Expectations / Satisfactory - Effort, Participation, and Cooperation fluctuate from high to average. The student maintains a positive attitude and does what is required at least 80% of the time.

1 = Approaching Expectations / Needs Improvement - Effort, Participation, and Cooperation fluctuate from average to low and/or behavior has a negative impact on the class.

2. FitnessGET FIT, BE FIT, and/or STAY FIT

Each week we focus on different topics and concepts. Topics and concepts covered during the K-5 experience.

Health Concepts

Cardiovascular System, Muscular System, Skeletal System, Immune System, Skin Health, Nutrition, Hygiene, Decision Making, and Goal Setting.

Physical Concepts

Cooperative games, Fitness, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Modified Dodge ball, Striking Moving objects, Tag Games, Basketball, Volleyball, GaGa ball, Frisbee, Invasion Games, Fundamental Movements, Net games, Tossing, Throwing, Kicking, Catching, Passing, Moving in open space, Offense, and Defense.

3. Fun: Enjoy the experience of Mr. Fulton's Focus Fitness and Fun. 

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