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FOCUS = Please visit Kidshealth.org https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/center/htbw-main-page.html?WT.ac=k-nav-htbw-main-page#cataches Click on for kids, then click How the body works. Pick a topic of interest. Watch the video, Listen/Read the Article, Take the Quiz

Attached please find an activity log and learning log that you can use if you would like. FocusFitnessFunActivityLearningLog_1_1.docx


FITNESS = Please try to complete 60 minutes of activity daily. Below are some great ideas that will count towards your daily time. Get Moving and Get FIT!

Click any of the activities below to see some live-action and follow along.

FocusFitnessFunWarmup.mov. If you want to make this a full work-out perform this warm-up 4 to 5 times and/or add more repetitions to each exercise and/or perform each exercise for time 30 to 60 seconds. All exercises can be performed anywhere no equipment required.

LegChallenge.mp4. Focus Fitness Fun Lower body challenge. How many and or how long can you last? Exercises included are Ski Jumps, Ninja Jumps, and Wall Squats. You can just do the one minute challenge and write down your results or you can make it a longer workout by doing three rounds of one minute. 

UpperChallenge.mp4 Focus Fitness Fun Upper body challenge. How many and or how long can you last? Exercises included are Shoulder taps, Arm circles, and Heels to the sky. Take the challenge as Chase (5th Grader) and Evan (2nd Grader) perform the exercises or do each exercise for one or two more rounds. Either way, be sure to write down your numbers. Next time see if you can top your previous score.

CardioChallenge.mp4 This Focus Fitness Fun Cardio Challenge will get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Chase (5th Grader) and Evan (Second Grader) will demonstrate Jumping Rope, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks, and Mummy Kicks for one minute. You can challenge your self and record how many reputations you can do in one minute or you can perform the exercises 2 or 3 times for a complete workout.

Speed.mp4 Challenge. Like to move fast? See how fast you can move during the 30-second challenges. Sprint spots, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Hurdles, and Plus signs. Chase (5th Grader) and Evan (2nd Grader) will show you how to complete each challenge. Write down how many reps you complete and challenge yourself to match or top your reps after a two-minute water break. My suggestion is to rest for 1 minute between each exercise. Stay hydrated and have a focus fitness fun day.

BoxingBasicskillsworkout.mov Go through basic boxing skills in this 10 min skills/workout as Mr. Fulton, Chase (5th Grader), and Evan (2nd Grader) guide you through Jabs, Crosses, Hooks, Upper Cuts, etc. Please don't use these skills on someone and be sure to clear some space so you can be safe.

CaptainsOrders.mp4 High paced game that is all about following directions. Can you follow directives? If not, you will have to give me 5 (Burpees, Jumping Jacks, and/or Mountain Climbers) and get back in the game. No equipment required.

Equipment needed: None
- Ask someone in your house to play rock/paper/scissors fitness challenge with you.
- Here is the challenge:
- Before you start, designate an ending spot that you want to get to and make it a good distance.
- If you win, you move 1 step closer to the ending spot.
- If you don’t win you stay where you are and do an exercise 10 times. 
- If you tie, no movement happens but you both do an exercise 10 times.
- Continue playing until the end - Have Fun!
- Remember you can always decrease or increase the number you do for your exercises.

Exercises to choose from: Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Mt. Climbers, Star Jumps, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Lunges, Imaginary Jump Rope, and Up down Push-ups.

Not interested in the above Videos and/or just want to print something out.

Pick a workout below to do 1- 3 times a week. You can change up the workouts to fit your level by either increasing or decreasing the number of exercises. Just remember to keep track of what you are doing. 

activity-ideas-calendar_english.pdf circle the days you have completed or just write it down if you don't want to print out the calendar. 

daredice.pdf Cut out the Dice and Fold it. Roll and go. I suggest warming up by doing 4 of each exercise then start rolling and let the Dice be your guide. 5 rolls Cub level. 8 rolls young lion level. 10 or more rolls Lion Level. Have fun.

FlipaCoinWork-Out.jpg All you need is a Coin. Heads do this Tails do that. Fun Workout you can do solo or with others. Have fun.





FUN = Activities you can play or do with someone or solo. 

GoingforDistanceTossThrow.mov playing solo, see how far you can get and how fast you can do it.   

LandGuardGrades3-5.mov solo, find a wall, tennis ball, or something that bounces and play against yourself to see how many you can get in a row.

If you have someone to play with try HoopGuardGrades1-5.mov another great option is Slamball.mp4 and or beanbagtoss.mp4

FocusFitnessFunBasketballDribblingandPassing.mov. Equipment needed basketball or any round ball. Watch my boys Chase (5th Grader) and Evan (2nd Grader) demonstrate dribbling and passing skills. After watching get outside if you can and practice with your parents and/or guardian's permission.  

Friends and Family Challenges, that you can do from a distance.

OverUnderAroundandThroughChallenge.mov Pick any object that you can go over under around and through (example chair) and see how fast you can do it. Watch the above video and see my son Chase show you an example. The time doesn't really matter, it is just a lot of fun. See how many people you can get to complete the challenge. If you like with parent/guardian permission videotape it and send the results to me or other friends and family. The more people involved the more fun. Stay active. 

BeActive.jpg Can you name all the athletic equipment in this picture? How many did you find? Now go find all your athletic equipment and take a picture. When you are done with the picture get active and then clean up (put equipment away). With your parent/guardian permission send your picture to a friend or family member and challenge them to do the same. Find athletic equipment, take a picture, use the equipment, clean up, and send a picture to a friend/family member. 

Need some more fun fitness activities and workout ideas Visit GoNoodle https://www.gonoodle.com/good-energy-at-home-kids-games-and-videos/  I enjoyed...

Achy Breaky Heart https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/achy-breaky-heart?s=Search&t=achey%20break%20heart,

Believer https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/believer?s=Search&t=Believer,

Pump it Up https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/pump-it-up?s=Search&t=pump%20it%20up,

Let's Go https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/lets-go?s=Search&t=Let%20go

High-Velocity https://app.gonoodle.com/activities/high-velocity?s=Search&t=High%20Velocity.

I challenge you to try any/or all my suggestions on this page and let me know what you think. 


If you have comments/suggestions please email mailto:jfulton@haverfordsd.net                                                                             

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