Name: Mr. Michael Weinstock
Grade(s):  9th, 11th and 12th
Subject(s): Western Civilization, Criminal Justice and Sociology 
Phone: 610-853-5900 x2815
Room: 201

Please click the following link to access my Western Civilization, Criminal Justice and Sociology website:

Mr. Weinstock's Canvas Page


Mr. Weinstock is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. He then attended Neumann University where he earned a Masters Degree in Education and a certification in Special Education and Elementary Education.  He is a certified History teacher, grades 7-12 and also has a certification in English, grades 7-12. 


For the past seven years, Mr. Weinstock has been a teacher at Haverford High School, where he currently teaches Western Civilization and Sociology.  Prior to his time at Haverford, he was employed by Wallingford-Swarthmore School District as a special education teacher.


Along with teaching, Mr. Weinstock is passionate about his family and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. He is dedicated to protecting our beaches and oceans and is an active member of the "Surfrider Foundation."  He also loves playing sports; his favorites being ice hockey, lacrosse, snowboarding and surfing.  


Academic Background: 

  • 1998- 2003: Letters, Arts, and Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

  • 2006- 2007: Master of Science in Education, Neumann University 


  • Elementary K-6 (Pennsylvania)
  • Special Education N-21 (Pennsylvania)
  • History 7-12 (Pennsylvania)
  • English 7-12 (Pennsylvania)


Fall 2018 Teaching Schedule:

  • Block 1: Western Civilization, room 201
  • Block 2: Western Civilization, room 201
  • Block 3: Prep
  • Block 4: Criminal Justice, room 201

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