Algebra I Flexible Learning Opportunities - Weekly Lessons


Week 01, Session 1

Topic 1: Solving Linear Equations

  1. Review the videos below:

    1. Solving Simple Equations (with Variables on each side)

    2. Solving Equations with Distributive Property

    3. Solving Equations with No or Infinite Solutions

  2. Complete the extra practice worksheets below: 

    1. Two-Step Equations Worksheet; Key

    2. Special Solutions Worksheet; Key

  3. Delta Math Assignment A1_FlexLearn_01


Week 02, Session 1 

Topic 2: Writing the Equation of a Line Given a Slope and a Point or Given Two Points

  1. Review the videos below:

  2. Complete the assignment A1_FlexLearn_02 in DeltaMath [DUE DATE: 3/26/20@9am]

  3. Extra Practice 


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