Language translators are not permitted in world language classes. You may use a translator site to look up a single word as you would with a dictionary. is the preferred choice.  You may not type in sentences and have a site translate them.

Language translation can be quite complicated. Translators are machines and cannot comprehend the nuances of the language. Using a translator frequently yields results that are grammatically and idiomatically inaccurate. Translator usage is very easy to spot. Your teacher will know.

You will receive a zero for translated work that is not original, that is, the work of a translator tool. Likewise, work that reflects vocabulary and structure skills beyond your current level will be considered plagiarism. If you have spent the time learning concepts beyond the scope of the classroom experience and use them in an assignment, you must be able to explain / justify their use.

The purpose of our coursework is to provide students with skills and proficiencies that they own.  Therefore, only your original work will be accepted.

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