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Introduction:   As a student of Italian, you will not only learn the language of the Italian people but their culture, traditions, history as well, and the development of reading,  listening, and writing skills. The goals are: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

IMPORTANT:  Language learning is a cumulative venture… 

Grading:          40% - QUARTER I

                         40% - QUARTER II

                         20% - FINAL EXAM


Class participation------------------------all students expected to participate .       

         Try your best to contribute in a positive way to our class.


Quizzes: deal with the grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening practice and other structures covered in a given chapter(unit).


Projects:  There will be several small and/or one major project per chapter( unit).  These projects are meant to recap a given unit in a more creative and practical way.


Class work/participation: A student must be participating on a daily basis by responding in class, doing seat work, actively participating in paired/group activities, etc.  A student showing “anti-participatory” activities…in other words acting up, calling out, disrespect, being out of seat, etc.


Home/Class Assignments: Throughout the term, I will assign class work [which becomes homework if not completed] usually from the textbook, the Quaderno di Lavoro(Workbook) and/or handouts.  It is very important that you keep up with your classwork/homework as it is used to reinforce what we are learning.  Homework is due the next class day (unless otherwise assigned).  If you are absent the day it is due you must show it to me first thing upon your return to school.  If you are absent the day homework is assigned it is your responsibility to get it from another student or my website.  You will have one day [for each day absent] to make up missing assignments.  Extended absences will be dealt with on an individual basis.    


**Even if written homework is not assigned, you should be studying [especially vocabulary]

10-15 minutes EVERY night**


Extra credit:  Extra credit is earned throughout the quarter through games, activities and other “extra” assignments.  NO extra credit will be given at the end of a marking period to students who have not performed to ability or who have not actively and constructively participated in class throughout the quarter.


Make-up policy: Any student who is legitimately absent from school will be allowed to make up what they missed in a time period determined on an individual basis.  A student who cuts class will receive a ZERO for whatever assignments were due or assigned that day.  Any student involved in an activity or field trip for which a class is missed is responsible for all the work done that day. 



                    1. Come to class on time.

                    2. Be prepared at all times.

                    3. Be respectful.

                    4. Be courteuos.

                    5. Do not do other teachers’ work in Italian class.

                    6. No cell phones or other electronic devises visible or audible.

                    7. Abide by all classroom procedures.




                                                                         FORZA RAGAZZI !

                                                                       NON MOLLATE MAI !

                                                                      ANDATE AL MASSIMO !


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