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Here are some additional useful sites for practice materials:

For phonics and phonemic awareness worksheets

 click on game goo

Language activities


Wacky Web Tales

Do you like Mad Libs? Wellthis is your site! Wacky Web Tales provides hundreds of stories created bystudents, as well as adults. Great for working on parts of speech!

FunBrain Language Games

This site provides fun andinteractive language games for 1st through 10th grade students. There are alsolinks to math and science games, as well.

This site provides a varietyof printable activities and therapy ideas for all ages, free of charge.Teachers and parents can use these activities with their students. Activitiestarget articulation, language, emergent literacy, and technology.

Paint By Idioms

“Paint by Idioms” allowsstudents to practice their knowledge of idioms by playing games at variousskill levels. For each of the idioms targeted, an example sentence is givenalong with four answer choices. If the student chooses the correct answer,he/she is rewarded with a painting activity.

The TongueTwister Database

This web page includeslists of tongue twisters for use with articulation therapy and accent reductiontherapy. Several tongue twisters are also offered in foreign languages. If linkdoes not work, clickhere to see information from the page in a different format.



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