Flexible learning options for Speech and Language Therapy if Haverford Township School District is closed

Dear Parents & Caregivers-

The Speech & Language Department has worked over the past several days preparing activities that can be used to practice various speech and language skills at home.  If school is closed for an extended period of time, you may want to share it with your children. Do not worry! I am not expecting you to provide therapy. These are just activities to use for carry-over of skills that were targeted in therapy prior to school being closed.

Please be aware of your child's speech and language areas of need to find activities that can be used to practice skills within that area:

Speech Sound Production

Fluency [stuttering]

Receptive Language [listening comprehension & understanding language]

Expressive Language [formulating and using language)

Find the links under my posts & remember to have fun.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Take care,







For Community Based Instruction (CBI), since we are not safe to go out and about, students can locate items on store websites. They can get used to finding items based on categorization by departments.  They can use the store circulars and flyers that arrive at our homes weekly on Thursdays.  They can use these circulars to create a shopping list given a certain dollar budget.  They can use the circulars to group items together that belong to the same group.  For example, in the supermarket ads, they could group dairy items, produce or health and beauty, etc.  They can cut out pictures to create their lists as well as listing by words.

They can create a days menu, choosing items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Predict how much they think it will cost and then compare the actual cost.  Were they close? They can compare healthy and not so healthy choices.

They can access menus for restaurants and can create choices of what they would purchase if they were going to eat there in the future.  How much would they need?  What would be the tax and tip?  Would ten dollars be enough or would they need more?

Language is also around us at all times.  Have your students help around the house.  Cooking, laundry, cleaning, taking out the trash and recyclable items, etc. Talk about the items needed to complete certain household tasks. Gather all the materials first.  Group the items. Sort the items if needed.  What are the steps needed?  What must be done first?  What step is next?  What needs to be completed last?

Have students check expiration dates on products in your refrigerator or cabinet to determine if they are still good or not.  Talk about what it means to be expired. Take inventory of what is needed and be the one responsible to create the family shopping list of the necessities.

After they watch a tv show or a movie, have them summarize it.  Can they tell you the main idea?  What are some of the details?  Can they describe a character, a scene or a setting, giving various attributes?  If there is a problem, can they identify it?  Can they come up with a possible solution to the problem?  If you are watching with them and have the pause feature, pause the TV to review the activities above.

Communicate with a family member or friend by talking, by phone, email or text. Are you taking turns in the conversation?  Are you staying on topic? Are you using a strong voice with clear articulation?

Language is used and is present throughout our day.  Here is an example to model that could be used with many activities.  Here you will find various language skills targeted through helping with the Laundry!

Language through Laundry:

sort your socks & other clothes from the clean laundry pile [or drawers!] & match like items - pairs of socks / clothing items from the same group [socks, shorts, shirts, PJs, etc.]

label the clothing items

describe the socks by attribute [striped, green, fuzzy, old, new, socks with animals, solid color socks, size/length]

state what category/group names of clothing items 

talk about where you can find clothes in the home and community

talk about who the clothes belong to [my clothes, your clothes, Mom's clothes, etc.]

talk about associations - the body parts that match the clothing [socks go on your feet, pants go on your legs],

describe/list when you wear different types of clothing depending on season, weather, or special occasion 

compare & contrast clothing items in sentences - e.g. Flip flops and snow boots are both shoes that you wear on your feet. You wear flip flops in the summer, but you wear snow boots in the winter



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