Frequently Asked Questions

How can I arrange for the counselor to meet with my child?

There are various ways the counselors can be accessed for services. Referrals can be made by teachers, peers, and parents. Most often the students refer themselves. Appointment slips are available outside of each of the grade level counselors' offices. If a parent would like for the counselor to touch base with their child, a phone call to the counselor is all that is needed. The counselor will follow-up as quickly as possible.

How can I get in touch with my child's teachers?

The easiest way to contact your child's teacher(s) is to leave a voice mail message. Call the HMS # 610 853-5900 and then use the teacher's extension. This extension can be obtained by listening to the phone directory. It is advisable to give a home and work number with your message. If you have a more general question about your child's progress or wish to share a private concern, you may wish to call the grade level counselor directly.

What can I do if my child is struggling academically?

The first line of defense is to meet with your child's team of teachers to discuss the academic concerns. Together you will develop a plan of action to employ. If the interventions tried are to no avail, you, as the parent, or the team can make a recommendation to the Child Study Team (CST). At that time, the school psychologist, grade level principal, grade level counselor, team of teachers, and parents meet to determine if a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation is in order. This will be a series of tests administered by the school psychologist to assess for any areas of weakness which may be indicative of a learning disability. After testing, the team will reconvene to share the results of the Evaluative Report, and then recommendations are made. If a student is identified as having a learning disability, the appropriate services will be defined and placement will be made.