What Do I need to Know Before My Injured Child Returns to School?

When a student is injured or ill in a way that affects mobility, class participation, or participation in physical education, a note from the attending doctor must be kept on record in the nurse's office. With a physician's note,  arrangements can be made to ensure safety when moving from class to class.  Use of the elevator requires a physician's note documenting need.  

If your child will be returning to school in a wheelchair please notify the grade level principal, counselor, and nurse as soon as you are able prior to your child's returning to HMS.    

If a student is involved in an accident or is injured during the school day he/she should tell the teacher in charge immediately, obtain a pass, and report immediately to the nurse's office.  If a student is unable to walk to the nurse's office, the nurse will be called immediately to transport the student.  After the student is evaluated, the nurse will contact the parent / guardian to inform them of the injury.

All physician's notes related to illness and injury should be brought to the nurse's office during homeroom on the day your child returns to school.  If you have questions regarding your injured child's return to school please call our office Monday - Friday 7AM - 3PM @ 610-853-5900 ext. 5102.