PA State Mandated Screenings

The following screenings are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. These are considered screenings and are not to be a substitute for regular check-ups with your pediatrician. School nurses perform the screenings.

Height and Weight (BMI)

Checked annually in kindergarten through grade 12.

The state-mandated BMI (Body Mass Index) screening program has also been implemented for grades K – 12. 


Checked annually in kindergarten through grade 12. If you have a concern, suspect a visual problem, or your child has an existing visual condition you would like to discuss, contact the HMS school nurse @ 610-853-5900x5102.

If a student does not pass the visual screening a referral notice will be sent home.


Checked in kindergarten 1, 2, 3, 7 , and 11.

If you have a concern, suspect a hearing problem, or would like to discuss an existing hearing problem with the school nurse please call our office.

If a student does not pass the hearing screening a referral will be sent home.


Screening is mandated for students in grades 6 and 7.

The 6th grade scoliosis screening is generally done as part of the required 6th grade physical examination done either by your private pediatrician or, if requested, by our school physician.

Seventh grade scoliosis screening is done in 7th grade PE classes by the school nurse. Information will be sent home to seventh grade parents in January of each year to explain this program.

If a student does not pass the scoliosis screening a referral notice will be sent home.

Physical Examinations

Required for students entering our school as a new student or otherwise for students in kindergarten, 6th and 11th grades.

Completed 6th grade physical exam forms are due in to the nurse by September 30th of your child’s 6th grade year. A physical that was completed up to one year prior to entrance into 6th grade is acceptable for use as the required 6th grade PE. Be aware that your 6th grade student should have the Tdap, meningitis, and varicella #2 immunizations completed and documented on their 6th grade physical form. Always make a copy of completed physical exam forms for your own personal records.

It is recommended that these exams be completed by your child’s private pediatrician who is familiar with your child’s medical history. If this is not possible, please speak with the HMS nurse about an exam by our school physician. The required private physical examination form can be obtained by downloading it from our website (physical form).

Dental Examination

Required of students in grades 1, 3 and 7.

You will be notified when the school dentist will be performing the dental examination at HMS. Only those students with written parental permission will be examined by the school dentist.

What does a referral mean?

If you received a referral form after any school screening or examination, it means that the screening or examination detected a possible problem and further evaluation by a professional health care provider is recommended. The referral form is to be completed by your private health care provider and returned to the HMS nurse.