Guidance Program

The Middle School Guidance Department is organized to support the intellectual, personal and social growth of each student.

Our school counselors work with our students, teachers, other school personnel, and parents to establish a better understanding of young people.

The guidance program consists of the following services:

Individual Support

Counselors meet with individual students to help resolve educational, social, and personal concerns. Group Support Group support provides a framework for children to receive support and encouragement from their peers in learning how to handle the normal developmental concerns of pre-adolescents. Discussion groups on a number of topics are offered. Students may volunteer to participate in these groups. Topics include: friendship, coping with separation/divorce in the family, study skills, decision-making, and developing assertiveness skills.

Group Support

Activities In sixth, seventh and eighth grades, counselors meet with students in the classroom to present workshops on topics of interest. At the 8th grade level course selection options for the 9th grade are discussed.

Consultation With Teacher Teams

Counselors consult with teacher teams on an ongoing basis about student progress.

Child Study Team

The CHILD STUDY TEAM is a process to review the progress of students who have difficulty meeting academic expectations. This team makes recommendations about what steps should be taken to remediate these difficulties and support the student.

If a teaching team and/or parents are concerned about the progress of an individual student, the teacher provides information about specific concern and the strategies used to address the concerns, the counselor gathers pertinent data about classroom performance and presents the information at the bi-weekly Child Study Team meeting. This information is then reviewed by the team, which consists of staff from Pupil Services, the guidance department and building principals. After this review, parents are invited to discuss the Child Study Team's recommendations with the staff.


Standardized tests are scheduled at regular intervals during the middle school years. Test results will be mailed home to parents. Please feel free to consult your child's counselor if you have a question about these tests.

Effective Parenting

As parents, please remember that teamwork will help each child through difficult times. Time spent with parents and family members is essential for growth. Give consistent and continuous emotional support to provide strength and encouragement. Share regular meals together. Sitting and eating together provides security, time for communication, and unity. You can tell when you have good communication with your child if you do more listening than talking.

Set a time for homework and talk about what is happening in school. Create a calendar where the activities of every person in the family can be noted.

Children learn best by the examples you set. Always show care, concern and thoughtfulness when dealing with each other.

When children are treated respectfully, they treat others with respect. When they feel good about themselves, they feel good about others.

If you would like additional information or support working with your child, please call the school counselor.

The above information was, in part, reprinted from Pennsylvania Department of Education Home Team.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences help the parent to keep informed about their child's work, social adjustment and attitude as it relates to achievement. Home and school communication is an essential component in achievement. Parents may attend a team meeting on request or have an individual conference with the counselor and/or teacher.

See the Middle School calendar for dates.