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Admission of New Students

Parents who wish to enroll a student into Haverford Middle School please click here to link to the Student Registration page. 

After registration with the District Registrar, you will need to contact the Middle School Main Office to set up an appointment to meet with the grade level counselor to discuss your child's educational program. If you have any previous school records such as report cards or test scores, IEPs/GIEPs, please bring them with you; they would be most helpful. If you have any questions about the admission process, please call the District Registrar at 853-5900, ext. 7139.

Arrival in the Morning

Students are permitted to enter the building at 7:40 a.m.

Grade 6:  Enter through courtyard doors on Darby Road.
Grade 7 and 8:  Enter through the doors in the parking lot in the rear of the building.

Upon arrival in the morning, students should go to their lockers, unpack backpacks/ book bags and organize their belongings for the day. Backpacks/Book bags must be placed inside the lockers. Students must be seated in homeroom no later than 7:50 am.

Students arriving after 7:50 am are to report to the main office for admittance.

Students wishing to eat breakfast served in the cafeteria at 7:20 am, or students showing a pass from a faculty member, may go to another area of the building prior to 7:40 for approved business 

In case of inclement weather, we will bring the students into a designated location in the building early. 

Grade 6: Auditorium
Grade 7: Gym A/B Hallway
Grade 8: Cafeteria

Students may use the library before school from 7:40 until 7:50 am and after school until 3:30 pm.

Assembly Procedures

Attendance at assemblies is a privilege.

Administrators and teachers will review appropriate assembly behavior. 

An announcement will be made to bring students to the assembly. Teachers will bring their students to the assembly in an orderly manner.  Teachers will supervise their students at all times.

Students will sit down and wait quietly for the start of the assembly.

The Principal, or designee, will introduce the assembly.

Any inappropriate behavior as determined by the administrator in charge, will cause the student to be will be escorted from the assembly, and appropriate consequences will be determined.

When the assembly concludes, the Principal or designee will dismiss the students in an orderly fashion. Teachers will supervise their students as they return to their classrooms.

Attendance Procedure
Attendance Rules & Regulations

Attendance - According to Section 1326 of the School Code, the term "compulsory school age" means the period of a child's life from the time the child's parents elect to have the child enter school, which shall be not later than the age of eight (8) years until the age of seventeen (17) years.

Student attendance is a most critical issue.  Parents and students need to carefully consider each day of absence. Good attendance and good academic performance are usually synonymous.

The only legal excuses for absence from school are:

  • student illness
  • danger to health from serious exposure
  • quarantine
  • death in family
  • recovery from accident
  • required court appearance
  • doctor or dentist appointment when necessary during school hours
  • observance of the student"s religion


  1. The academic day begins at 7:50 am when students are expected to be in their homeroom by 7:50am.   The academic day ends at 2:35 pm. Students late to school MUST report to the Main Office.
  2. Students are expected to be on time and prepared for each class each and every day.

Absence and Lateness

  1. An absence may be submitted through the School Messenger application on the day of the absence or upon the student's return from an absence, a handwritten note (no-emails accepted) is to be presented to the Main Office. The note must include the child's name, the reason for the absence, the date(s) of the absence and parent signature.
  2. Students late to school MUST report to the Main Office, with a handwritten note.

Early Dismissal - Every attempt should be made to schedule doctor's appointments, dentist's appointments, etc. around the school day or vacation schedule.  However, we realize that this is not always possible.  Therefore, the following procedure must be followed when requesting an early dismissal:

A request for an early dismissal must be submitted to the Main Office no later than 7:55 am on the day of the early dismissal.  When the request is verified by the Main Office Secretary, the students will be given an "Early Dismissal" form from the Main Office Secretary. The student then comes to the main office at the time listed on the early dismissal form to await his/her parent. The student's parent/guardian must come into the building and pickup the child, IN PERSON, from the Main Office.

Late Arrivals - After three unexcused late arrivals parents will be contacted and their child will be assigned detention.  Unexcused time (late to school, late to classes, cutting classes, cutting school) will be tabulated and will result in additional, appropriate consequences.

Planned Absences

School District policy and the Pennsylvania Department of Education do not recognize family vacations as reasons for school excusal. We recognize there may be an educational benefit to some travel opportunities the cannot be scheduled during normal breaks from educational programming. Upon written request to the building principal, no more than five (5) days of family travel for educational reasons will be marked as excused absences if the request it pre-approved by the building principal. Students are required to complete all work missed during their absence. It is recommended that you contact their teacher(s) 10 days prior to leaving and obtain and assignments that can be completed during the absence in order to lessen the impact the absence might have academically. See the Main Office secretary for the District request form for the prearranged absence.


Unexcused Absences (Cuts)

Students who are out of class illegally, i.e., class cut, truancy, no excuse note, will not be permitted to make up work for those classes that were missed. A zero grade will be reflected in the teacher's grade book for those classes. 

Procedure for reporting student Absences
On the day a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian should report the absence through the School Messenger - Safe Arrival app or call the Main Office on or before 7:30 am. 

Co/Extracurricular Attendance Rules

To participate in sports competitions, practices and co-curricular activities that day, students must be in attendance before 11:30 am. (This is considered a half-day)

Requested Schoolwork

Parents must pick up student's make-up work and books in the main office prior to school closing at 3:30pm.

Back to School Night

Each school year, the Middle School sponsors grade level "Back To School" Nights in September. These evenings are designed to acquaint parents with the teachers, the curriculum, classroom procedures and information about PowerSchool and the HMS website.

See the Middle School web calendar for dates and times.

Individual parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled at a later date.


The bicycle racks for students are located at the front of the building on Darby Road.  Bicycles may not be parked in any other area. Bicycles should be locked when left in the racks. The school is not responsible for any damage done to bicycles or for stolen bicycles. Students may not ride on the sidewalks around the Middle School building. Students must walk bike off school grounds immediately before or after school due to safety concerns. 

Skateboarding and Rollerblading

Skateboarding and rollerblading are prohibited on school district property. The School district is committed to enforcement in order to reduce costs to repair damage and preclude injury to pedestrians as well as skateboarders and rollerbladers. The District's Operations Department has authorized the Department of Police to cite violators who refuse to leave after being requested to do so or are repeat offenders.

Books and Equipment

Our students are responsible for the condition of their books and equipment.  All textbooks issued to students must be covered.  All materials must have the name of the student on them.

Backpacks/Book bags/Messenger Bags

Backpacks/Book bags/Messenger Bags must be placed in student lockers.  Students may not carry backpacks, etc. to classes or in the cafeteria.  Gym lockers, for student materials, are provided for student convenience. (Book bags with wheels are not recommended because they will not fit in the lockers.)

Care of Books and Equipment

If a book or piece of equipment is damaged the student must immediately report the damage to the subject teacher.  The student will be required to pay for a replacement or for repair if appropriate.

If a book is lost, the student must report the loss to the subject teacher. A new book will be issued to a student and the lost book must be paid for within 10 days. If the lost book is found, the money paid will be refunded when the book is returned to the teacher or grade level secretary and the original receipt is presented.

Bus Transportation

School buses are provided for the transportation of pupils living a minimum of 1.5 miles from the school. Bus passes will be mailed home at the end of the summer. The location of the bus stop and the schedule for arrival and departure are printed on each bus pass. Transportation schedules are also listed on the district web site.

Students are expected to conduct themselves on the bus in a responsible manner that will insure the safety of all riders. The bus driver is in charge of the safety of the passengers and his/her instructions must be obeyed at all times. School rules will be enforced at all times for those riding on the school bus. Violation of any of the rules and regulations may result in the loss of bus riding privileges as well as appropriate disciplinary consequences. (Please be advised that Haverford Township School District school buses are equipped with video cameras.)

Please note that students are not permitted to ride buses other than those assigned to them. Students who need to go home with another student should arrange transportation with a parent.

If, because of an emergency, a student needs to take a bus home other than the one to which s/he is assigned, the student must come to the grade level office on the morning of the needed change to get a special bus pass for that day. We will contact the Transportation Office to determine whether or not space is available on the requested bus.

Compliance with the following regulations is required, without it being necessary for the driver to call attention to them.

  1. Students must have their bus passes with them daily. Students will not be permitted to board the bus without their bus passes. 

2. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and its riders at all times

3. Students should arrive at their bus stop ten (10) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Changing road and traffic conditions make it impossible for the bus to arrive at the same time every day.

4. Screaming is not permitted on the bus; it distracts the driver from operating the bus in a safe manner.

5. Students are to be seated on the bus facing forward at all times. Students are not permitted to change seats or stand in the aisle while the bus is in motion.

6. Students will not be permitted to eat or drink on the bus.

7. Trash and other items are not to be thrown on the floor or the compartment of the bus. Please keep the bus clean for other students.

8. Students may not, at any time, extend their head or any other body part out of the bus window. At no time is there to be any object thrown out of the windows. Windows must not be lowered below the “black mark”.

9. When students must cross the road to be picked up, the driver, after looking for approaching cars, will beckon them to cross. Students must wait for the driver’s signal to cross.

10. If it is necessary for a student to cross a highway at a discharge point, then the driver will allow them to cross in front of the bus before proceeding. Students should look both ways and get the signal from the driver before proceeding across the lane of traffic.

11. Smoking, abusive language and disruptive conduct while riding the bus will cause students to lose their right to ride the school bus.

12. Students must not engage in any activity that can cause damage to the bus.   Students who damage the bus will be required to pay repair costs. Further disciplinary actions will be taken.

13. Any directions given by the bus driver pertaining to the safe operation of the bus or the conduct of the students must be obeyed by all passengers.

Cafeteria: Breakfast/Lunch

Breakfast: Breakfast is available in the morning, from 7:20 am to 7:40 pm.  It is served in the student cafeteria.  Students may select from a variety of items.  This program will begin on the first day of school. Students going to breakfast may enter through the main doors on Darby Road.

Lunch: Students may bring a lunch or may buy a regular hot or cold platter.  Individual sandwiches, soups, drinks, and desserts are also on sale. Menus and prices, established by the district food service, are posted in the cafeteria and will be placed on the web site.

Information forms about our Free or Reduced Lunch Program will be distributed to all students at the beginning of the school year. 

Guidelines for Cafeteria Behavior

  1. We expect students to display their very best manners and self-disciplined behavior in the cafeteria. (Throwing of food, drinks, or any other objects within the cafeteria or in the adjacent hallways is not acceptable.  Students who engage in this behavior will receive appropriate consequences.)
  2. Books should be placed in their lockers.
  3. Conversations should be kept at a reasonable level so that they do not interfere with the conversations of others.
  4. Students are to remain seated during the lunch period, except when directed to empty their trash and to return their trays to the designated collection area.
  5. Anyone wishing to leave the cafeteria during the lunch period must first obtain permission and secure a pass signed by a teacher or administrator.
  6. Students are responsible for keeping the area at their assigned tables clean and for removing all trash, food and trays. Brooms, dustpans, paper towels and mops are available for the use of anyone who spills food that cannot be easily cleaned by hand. We expect everyone to cooperate in cleaning up if necessary.
  7. Serving lines will close approximately 10 minutes before the end of the lunch period.
  8. Students may not take food or drinks out of the cafeteria.
  9. Shortly before the end of the lunch period, a warning whistle will be blown.  Students should be in their seats as a teacher or administrator inspects their table area.  The table group will be dismissed as soon as the area is determined to be clean.
  10. Above all, each student is expected to behave appropriately and treat each adult (cafeteria workers, custodial staff, teachers and administrators) with respect.  Those who choose to violate any cafeteria rules will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the school and district discipline codes.
Class Interruption Policy

To safeguard instructional time, interruptions to instruction, (for example, parents asking to relay messages about forgotten lunches, instruments, homework, projects, after-school directions, etc.), will be limited to EMERGENCIES ONLY. Classrooms will not be called to inform students that their missing items, etc. are in the office. The items will be delivered to students during lunch or at the end of the day.

Closing of School Information

When severe weather affects school opening, the decision to open or close schools has a big impact on families. The following explains how school closing decisions are made and the methods we use to communicate in those situations. Please see here. 

Communication Lines

Parents who have concerns about their child's progress, curriculum, homework, etc. should contact their child's teacher/team directly. Grade level counselors may serve as a liaison between parents and the teacher/team. The administration should be contacted only after there have been discussions with the teacher/team and/or counselor.

  1. Contact child's teacher. Allow 24 hours for a response
  2. If you do not receive a response contact grade level administration for further action. (Response can be a phone call, a written note or e-mail.)

During the school year there will be two formal opportunities for individual parent-teacher conferences where you may share information, thoughts and concerns about your child. For information on conference dates, see the Middle School Calendar.


After school detentions may be assigned for a variety of reasons, in accordance with our discipline code.

Teachers may assign a teacher detention.  Teachers will contact parents about the detention.

Administrators may assign a "principal" or "school" detention.  In this case the administrator will contact the parents about the detention.

Detention sessions will be held Mondays through Thursdays, each week, from 2:40 pm to 3:20 pm.

Students will receive a one-day notice to arrange transportation home at the later dismissal time.

E-Mail Addresses

All teachers and administrators at Haverford Middle School can be reached via e-mail. Generally, addresses consist of the staff's first initial+last A directory of addresses can be accessed on our website. (Example:

Emergency Evacuation Drills

Emergency drills will be conducted regularly during the school year.



The homeroom period is used for a variety of activities, including attendance, clerical work, announcements for students and the distribution of information to be taken home.


The school provides an opportunity for students to purchase insurance covering school-associated injuries. Applications for this insurance will be distributed during the first week of school. Insurance coverage acceptable to the school will be required for all boys and girls participating in interscholastic athletics.

Hours and Availability

The library information center is open from 7:40 am until 3:30 pm. Changes to the library hours are posted in the Student Bulletin and on the web site under "Student Announcements." Students are welcome and encouraged to use the library:

  • Before homeroom
  • Any time during the school day with a signed pass from a teacher
  • During lunch periods with a lunch pass from the a teacher or administrator
  • After school

Each student must have a pass signed by a teacher in order to use the library during school hours.

  1. Ask the teacher of your class to sign your pass.
  2. Report directly to the library without making any stops, stamp your pass and place it in box on the library circulation desk.
  3. When ready to leave the library, stamp your pass to return to class.
  4. Return directly to your classroom and give the pass to your teacher.
Expected Behavior
  1. Be courteous and considerate of other students. Talk softly so as not to disturb others.
  2. Eating, chewing gum, and/or drinking beverages is not permitted in the library.
  3. Handle materials carefully. RETURN ALL MATERIALS to their proper places at the end of the period.
  4. Follow these guidelines for using the library computer workstations:
    a. Workstations are for school assignments only.
    b. Be considerate if others are waiting.
    c. Print just what you need; you are limited to 10 pages per day.
    d. Do not disrupt others while working.
    e. Any misuse or vandalism of equipment will result immediately in loss of computer privileges.
    f. Ask if you need help.
    g. Be sure to "Quit" all applications and "sign off".
    h. You may go on the Internet only when your teacher is present, or with the permission of the librarian or library assistant, technology coordinator or technology assistant.

Students who come to the library are expected to work on homework, projects or other school assignments; they are not expected to socialize.

  1. All students receive a bar coded ID for use as a library card
  2. Books circulate for three weeks and may be renewed once.
  3. Books on reserve for in-library use circulate overnight or over the weekend. ALL OVERNIGHT BOOKS MUST BE RETURNED BY 7:40 AM THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY. The overdue fine for these books is 35 cents per day.
  4. Reference books may never leave the library.
  5. Magazines may be signed out for overnight only. Fines are 35 cents per day.
Lost or Damaged Library Books or Materials 

Students are required to pay the replacement cost for lost or damaged books plus $5.00 processing fee. Library overdue book notices are distributed in homeroom. Overdue fines are 5 cents per day, weekends/holidays are not calculated.


Lockers are the property of the district; they are assigned to each student for the school term. These lockers should be maintained in a clean and orderly manner throughout the year. The students will be given the opportunity to clean their lockers periodically and at the end of the school year. Valuables should not be kept in lockers.

Students possess the right of privacy as well as freedom from unreasonable search and seizure of property guaranteed by the fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That individual right, however, is balanced by the school's responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of all its students.

Students are to use lockers before homeroom, before and after lunch, and before and after gym class. These are the only times lockers should be visited without permission.

Search and Seizure

  1. Searches of a student's person, locker, desks or personal property may be conducted by an administrator or his/her designee, when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that there has been a violation of school district policies, school regulations or the law.
  2. There is no necessity for school officials to obtain a search warrant to make a search.
  3. Lockers, desks, areas of the school building, parking lots are school district property and remain under the control of the school district, subject to search at any time by school officials. Students have no expectation of privacy in these areas.

REMEMBER: Take responsibility for your possessions. Do not give out your locker combination to anyone.

Lost and Found

We expect our students to care for their own possessions in a responsible manner. We strongly recommend that as many items as possible, especially all outerwear, such as jackets, hats, and sweatshirts, are labeled with the student's name. If an item is misplaced, the student should first check the area where the item was lost, then check the Lost and Found. Valuable items such as watches, wallets, purses, jewelry, keys, calculators and cameras are kept in the Main office or Technology Office, and the secretary can assist you in looking for them. Lost eyeglasses will be kept in the nurse's office.

If clothing items are not claimed after an entire quarter, the articles will be donated to a homeless shelter or other charity, within one week after the end of the quarter.


REMEMBER: Take responsibility for your possessions. Do not give out your locker combination to anyone.

Medical/Nurse's Office

The nurse's office is located on the first floor of the Middle School, in the 6th grade wing at the north end of the building, room 102. It is equipped with a medical room and treatment rooms with cots for students who become ill during school hours. A registered nurse certified by the state in school nursing and a medical building assistant, also a nurse, are on duty at all times.

The school nurse functions as the manager of health care, deliverer of mandated health services, and as a health counselor and educator for the school and community.

Parents/guardians must update each student's record with current information including:  change of health status, medications a child may currently be taking, long-term medication therapy, medication that has been discontinued, any recent hospitalizations for medical treatment or surgery, routine immunization and booster information and any additional medical need or change of medical status.

Emergency forms are mailed home to each family. It is crucial that these forms be filled out completely and returned to the nurse as soon as possible. To ensure student safety and access to parents, we ask that parents remember to notify the nurse of any changes in phone numbers or student health information. 

If a student becomes ill, involved in an accident or injured during the school day he/she should tell the teacher in charge immediately, obtain a pass from the teacher and report to the nurse's office.  If a student is unable to walk to the nurse's office the nurse will be called immediately to transport the student. 

The student may not call home before going to the nurse's office. No student is permitted to leave school during school hours whether for illness or other cause without the permission of the Principal or the nurse, and after parents have been contacted by same.

If a student is injured or ill in a way that affects mobility, class participation, or participation in physical education, a note from the attending doctor must be kept on record in the nurse's office. With a physician's note arrangements can be made to ensure assistance when moving from class to class and use of the elevator as needed.

Students may not keep medications in their possession during school hours. Any medication, prescription or non-prescription (for example, Tylenol), must be delivered by parent directly to the school nurse in its original labeled container. Violations may be subject to sanctions under the district's Drug & Alcohol Policy and Guidelines.

Immunization/Physical Exams

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that all sixth grade students have a physical exam completed by a physician and the written report of this exam be kept in their Student Health Record in the nurse's office. All completed physical exam forms should be turned in to the nurse's office by September 25.

All students entering seventh grade must have completed the series of three Hepatitis B shots and have received the Varivax (chicken pox) vaccine or have had chicken pox. These immunization dates must be added to the sixth grade physical exam report.

A copy of the state physical exam form can be obtained on the Health Services webpage or in the nurse's office. You are encouraged to call the nurse with questions or concerns at any time. The nurse can be reached at 610-853-5900, ext. 5102, daily from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. (You may also call at any time to leave a message).

Communicable Disease Regulations for School Children

Chicken Pox  6 days from the last crop of blisters
Strep Throat and other Respiratory 7 days from onset or 24 hours from start of prescribed appropriate medication
Strep Infections 7 days from onset or 24 hours from start of prescribed appropriate medication
Scarlet Fever 24 hours from start of appropriate medication
Acute Contagious Conjunctivitis (pink eye) Until judged non-infective by the school nurse or child's physician
Ringworm, all types Until judged non-infective by the school nurse or child's physician
Impetigo Until judged non-infective by the school nurse. Student must be nit free
Pediculosis capitis (head lice) Until judged non-infective by the school nurse. Student must be nit free
Pediculosis corpora (body lice) Until judged non-infective by the school nurse. Student must be nit free
Scabies 24 hours from the start of appropriate medication
Tonsillitis 24 hours from the start of appropriate medication
Trachoma (chronic contagious conjunctivitis) 24 hours from the start of appropriate medication

Student Sales

Students may not sell anything in school including candy, gum, etc., unless and if approved in advance by the Principal.

Transportation - Parents

Parents who elect to bring their children to school should drop them off on Golf Road or on E. Marthart Road. Please see the traffic map. HMS Traffic Map


This practice assures a clear passageway for the buses and prevents students from crossing in front of buses and between cars. Parents, please be aware of pedestrian traffic. At no time should a student arrive at school before 7:30 am, as no supervision is available.


All visitors must report to the Main Office to receive a visitor's pass before visiting any area of the school. Visitors must wear the visitor's pass at all times while in the building.