Bus Agreement

Please review the following bus transportation rules and regulations for Middle School students with your son/daughter:

1. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and its riders at all times 

2. Students should arrive at their bus stop ten (10) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Changing road and traffic conditions make it impossible for the bus to arrive at the same time every day.

3. Screaming is not permitted on the bus; it distracts the driver from operating the bus in a safe manner.

4. Students are to be seated on the bus facing forward at all times. Students are not permitted to change seats or stand in the aisle while the bus is in motion.

5. Students will not be permitted to eat or drink on the bus.

6. Trash and other items are not to be thrown on the floor or the compartment of the bus. Please keep the bus clean for other students.

7. Students may not, at any time, extend their head or any other body part out of the bus window. At no time is there to be any object thrown out of the windows. Windows must not be lowered below the “black mark”.

8. When students must cross the road to be picked up, the driver, after looking for approaching cars, will beckon them to cross. Students must wait for the driver’s signal to cross.

9. If it is necessary for a student to cross a highway at a discharge point, then the driver will allow them to cross in front of the bus before proceeding. Students should look both ways and get the signal from the driver before proceeding across the lane of traffic.

10. Smoking, abusive language and disruptive conduct while riding the bus will cause students to lose their right to ride the school bus.

11. Students must not engage in any activity that can cause damage to the bus. Students who damage the bus will be required to pay repair costs. Further disciplinary actions will be taken.

12. Any directions given by the bus driver pertaining to the safe operation of the bus or the conduct of the students must be obeyed by all passengers.

It is imperative that students adhere to the bus transportation rules and regulations stated above. Bus transportation is a privilege and that privilege may be revoked if bus transportation rules and regulations are not followed. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation to insure the safe and enjoyable travel to and from school for our students.