Agreement Signature Page

Agreement Signature Page.pdf

Student Behavior and Middle School Guidelines

After reading the information contained in the handbook, complete the section below. Print the entire page and return it to your homeroom teacher.

My child and I have read and reviewed the Haverford Township School District Code of StudentBehavior and the Haverford Middle School Discipline Procedures. We understand the contents of both documents and agree to abide by them.

Student's Name/Signature _________________________________/_______________________________

Parent's Name/Signature __________________________________/________________________________


Your child may be photographed (video or still image) at school activities/functions. This image may be used in school publications, the Haverford Middle School website or local newspapers.

__________ I DO NOT give my consent to have my child photographed for the uses stated above.

Parent's Name/Signature __________________________________/________________________________

Plagiarism Pledge

I have read the Plagiarism Pledge and do hear by promise that when I am writing a report, I will follow the listed expectations.

Student's Name/Signature _________________________________/_______________________________


School Bus Safety Rules

I understand and agree to uphold the School Bus Safety Rules. (These rules also apply to field or other school or district trips).

Student's Name/Signature  _________________________________/______________________________

I understand that riding the bus is a privileged and may be revoked if my child does not follow expectations of appropriate behavior.

Parent's Name/Signature _________________________________/________________________________

Student's Name (please print) ______________________________________________________________ 

Date ________________________________ Grade ________________