Absence Note - Word or PDF

You may now report an absence through the SafeArrival program or a written note or email. Students must provide an absence note within 3 days of their absence. Three unexcused absences will automatically generate action by the School District as regulated by the state.

Request for Prearranged Absence - PDF

You must complete the form above and submit it to the grade level secretary if you intend to have your child miss school for an extended period.

Acceptable Use Policy 

After reading Board Policy #815 with your Middle School student, please complete the signature page and have the signed form returned to the student's homeroom teacher.

Code of Student Behavior

Parents and/or students should reviewed the Haverford Township School District Code of Student Behavior and the Haverford Middle School Discipline Procedures, section discipline, and return the signed signature page to show their understanding of the contents of both documents and agreement to abide by them.

Google Drive

Please download the Google Drive permission slip and return it to your homeroom teacher during the first week of school.

Parent Medication Consent - PDF

During field trips, students may self-administer medication under adult supervision if permission is granted by the parent and attending physician according to the guidelines on the reverse. 

Photo Permission Signature Page - PDF

Each year we request our parents for permission for your child to be photographed at school events.