Mrs. Natalie Hiller

8th Grade Assistant Principal

610-853-5900 x 5581

Welcome! A new school year always brings with it a sense of anticipation and excitement. Entering eighth grade begins your final transition in anticipation of achieving your goal of becoming a Haverford graduate in 2022.  Time has passed quickly. I am very pleased to be part of your learning experience again. We started together in sixth grade and now we will have the chance to again share this part of your journey to the High School and complete these final Middle School steps.

In the fall of 2010, I joined Haverford Middle School as an Assistant Principal to one of the 7th Grade teams. I have continued in this capacity, serving as the 6th Grade Assistant Principal and now returning for my fifth assignment in the 8th Grade program. 

My professional career has been one filled with wonderful experiences focused on the love of learning and the strong desire to share that passion with all of my students. Time has not diminished that goal. The School District of Haverford Township became my educational home in 2001 when I was hired as the supervisor of secondary mathematics and science. In this role, I was responsible for the implementation the district's curricula, instruction and assessment, conducted professional development, and acted as a liaison with higher education, community business partners and math and science organizations in the greater Philadelphia area.  Since 2006, I have continued with these responsibilities with my focus on the district K-12 science program. I coordinate the Professional Development and the New Teacher Induction programs for the district. As a recipient of two National Fellowships, the West Ed National Academy for Science and Mathematics Education Leadership Fellow Program and the National Science Foundation (NHS) Math/Science Fellow program, I have worked with districts across the country on school reform, curriculum and assessment. As a member of the Project 2061 at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and its Professional Development Science National Leadership Team, I have collaborated with the national science community in the development of standards based science curricula. I was selected as a National Faculty Member of the Coalition of Essential Schools at Brown University, and I was nominated for Disney's American Teacher Award. I have served as a K-12 Representative for the Math Science Partnership Grant, University of Pennsylvania and I am a member of the Pennsylvania State Science Assessment Team. One of the most exciting parts has been my opportunity to work with incredibly gifted people including astronauts who have flown the NASA shuttle and Nobel Laureate winners to advance the love of science for the next generation. Along the way, I have published several articles in a variety of educational journals articulating my experiences in educational curriculum, instruction and reform and my prior school program has been featured in a NBC documentary with Tom Brokaw as host.

My Bachelor's Degree is in Chemistry from Marywood University, and Temple University and Gywnedd-Mercy University awarded my two additional Master's Degrees in Education and in Educational Administration. 

So as the new school year begins, together we will embark on new frontiers. It is going to be a great ride!