Mrs. Laurie VanTrieste

Middle School Technology Coordinator
610-853-5900 x 5090

Welcome to HMS!

With the 2019 school year, I begin my 22nd year with the technology department of Haverford School District. I began working at Coopertown Elementary School, when the technology position was only 4 hours a day to manage 2 power macs, 20 Apple IIGS', a dozen Apple 2Es, and a handful of applications, overhead projectors and printers. What an amazing learning experience it has been to grow and learn all the advancing technology now used in our schools. 

I accepted the position as the Middle School Coordinator of Technology Services in March of 2005. I love the "tween" age students! The students have challenged me to stay young at heart and  keep up-to-date in the evolving world of technology devices and social media. Yes, social media is a love hate thing for this age, but it is never dull.

Our Middle School now has over 1500 students and 165 staff members using a variety of MacBooks, ChromeBooks and iPads. The computer resources have grown to over 1700 computing devices, plus all the peripherals, cameras, printers and other devices used in your child's school day.

After 22 years I can still say the best part of my day is working with your children and helping parents to navigate our school systems. My day always begins when a group of students noisily arrive around 7:15am for our live broadcast of Ford Focus in the TV Studio. The 40 students who sign on to be chipper and spread the news each morning are a daily wake up call. I have never been a morning person, but it is impossible to be anything but when confronted with the enthusiasm of 11 to 14 year olds.

Life can be frustrating when you are a pre-teen trying to navigate middle school; a harried parent balancing a family, a home and work; an older adult supporting grandchildren; or a teacher with a classroom full of students and a computer that won't cooperate. I appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance and alleviate some of the angst of your day. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

Laurie VanTrieste