Dr. Ashley Gavio

6th Grade Assistant Principal

610.853.5900 x 5571


Welcome to 6th grade! 

We are excited to introduce Dr. Ashley Gavio as the new Assistant Principal of Haverford Middle School.

With an impressive 14-year tenure within the district, Dr. Gavio has held various roles, including Special Education teacher, 7th-grade English teacher, and English Language Arts Curriculum Development team member. Her multifaceted experience has given her unique insights into the diverse needs of our students. Moreover, her efforts in providing in-service training and incorporating culturally relevant teaching practices have fostered a supportive environment for diverse learners.

In 2021, Dr. Gavio's exceptional teaching skills garnered well-deserved recognition as the District awarded her a "distinguished" teacher rating. Through her innovative and unique teaching methods, Dr. Gavio achieved remarkable results, with an impressive 94% of her students scoring "proficient" or "advanced" on state standardized tests. This exceptional achievement reflects her dedication to academic excellence and highlights her ability to inspire and empower her students to reach their full potential.

One of her notable achievements was co-creating the Haverford District-Wide Aspiring Administrator's Academy, a groundbreaking initiative to provide support and guidance to teachers aspiring to take on administrative roles within the school or district. This academy is a nurturing platform, equipping educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their leadership journey. As a member of the Instructional Leadership Team, Dr. Gavio played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the student-led conference system creating a more effective and meaningful experience for both students and parents. 

In her new role as Assistant Principal, we are confident that her passion for creating a positive and nurturing learning environment will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing success of Haverford Middle School.

Dr. Gavio earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Delaware, a Master of Science in Education from St. Joseph's University, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Holy Family University.