Family ID / PIAA Physicals

Haverford MS Required Athletic Forms

All students trying out for fall sports must be registered via FamilyID by their parents. Part of the registration process is submitting Section 7: Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner (physical form). 

Physicals must be dated on or after June 1st, 2022

You MUST upload the SECTION 7 PIAA FORM when registering your child. 

Anything other than the PIAA Section 7 form will not be accepted.


Middle School Sports 2022-2023

Physicals can be conducted by a family doctor, urgent care, or a minute clinic.

Click this link to start your sports Family ID registration:


The Section 7 form is available at the following link:


**If your child competed in a FALL and/OR WINTER SPORT, please complete the Section 8 form to be submitted on Family ID

Some doctors (specifically urgent care) will also want you to see a completed Section 6: Health History Form when conducting the physical. 

The Section 6 form is available at the following link:


If you need assistance in registering your child please use this link for step by step instructions:

A few reminders:

For any physical that is turned in 6 weeks prior to the first practice day in any sports season, a family must complete a Section 8: RE-Certification by parent/guardian.

We request that you submit your completed registration 5 days prior to the first tryout date in order for the athletic staff to carefully review your student athlete’s medical history. 

There may be a delay to your son or daughter’s tryout period if the physical is submitted a week before tryouts begin!