Academic Eligibility

What is Eligibility?
  • In order to be eligible to participate in an extracurricular school organization, sport, and/or activity a student must be passing (“D” or higher grades) all classes and be in good citizenship standing. Good citizenship standing will be determined by the grade level administrator and the athletic director.
  • Any student failing (“F” grade) any of their classes will be ineligible for any organization, sport and/or activity for the following week (Monday through Friday and weekend games).
  • A student who has been deemed ineligible for academic reasons may watch practice and/or games, during the week if, and only if, he or she meets with a teacher for extra help or attends HW club prior to practice.

    • A practice is defined as a preparatory activity for a culminating event, such as, but not limited to, athletic or academic competition and performing arts.

    • The academically ineligible student must bring a note that documents attendance to the HW club or extra help from a teacher in order to attend practice each day.

    • To be reinstated for the week following their ineligibility, the student work towards getting their failing grade to a “D” or higher. When the final eligibility report comes out the Friday of the ineligibility week, and the student no longer is failing any classes, they may resume active participation in practices the following week.

    • A student who has been deemed ineligible for disciplinary reasons may not attend practice or competitions performance for the following week.

How will eligibility be reported?
  • The athletic director will run academic ineligibility reports from PowerSchool on Wednesday of every week as a “warning”. This warning is for teachers and coaches to motivate their student-athletes to improve their grades.
  • The report will consist of all students that have D’s and F’s in any class.
  • The reason the athletic office includes Ds on reports is because we want the coaches and teachers to touch base with these students to make sure they they do not slip to a failing grade.
  • To ensure the validity of the report, teachers must update grades as regularly as possible.
  • The final eligibility list will be distributed via email by Friday afternoon to all coaches, building administrators, counselors and teachers.
  • The Athletic Director will contact all coaches/activity sponsors who are not building administrators, counselors or teachers directly with specific information. The coach/sponsor will let the student know that he or she is ineligible for the following week on Friday.
  • Teachers with an ineligible student will inform the student that he or she has been reported ineligible by Monday morning and arrange additional help The students will be told to initiate this meeting, but teachers should ensure it happens.
  • Parents will be notified of this policy at the beginning of the school year and are encouraged to check the PowerSchool portal on a weekly basis for academic eligibility.
  • The grade level administrator will communicate disciplinary ineligibility to parents by Monday.
  • Coaches are responsible for communicating academic ineligibility to parent/guardians.
How Will a Student Earn Reinstatement?
  • To be reinstated, a student must be passing all classes and be in good citizenship standing.
  • If a test or quiz is not given during that week, the teacher may decide that the student is ready to play again based on help sessions. The teacher should email the coach and athletic director to let them know they are ready to participate. The student should still seek help until the next quiz/exam.
  • The coach/sponsor should keep a record of the written documentation.
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