Haverford Middle School Eligibility Form

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In order to be eligible to participate in extracurricular school organization, sport, and/or activity a student must be passing (“D” or higher grades) all classes and be in good citizenship standing. Good citizenship standing will be determined by the grade level administrator and the athletic director.

____________________________- Is ineligible for participation in any extracurricular school activities from the dates of Monday ___________ until Friday __________.  

The reason for ineligibility is:

_______ Failure of _______________________ class. Current Grade_________.

_______ Behavior issue resulting in suspension from Principal, Athletic Director, or Coach.  

A student who has been deemed ineligible for academic reasons may participate in practice or watch their games during the week only after he or she meets with a teacher for extra help, attends HW club, or gets a note confirming extra work with a parent. Ineligible students may not travel to away games.

*If the failing grade is brought up before the end of the week, and the teacher deems the student in good standing within their class ,the student may rejoin the team early.

Please Get Signatures and Return to Your Coach 

I understand why I am ineligible, and understand what I must do to successfully return to my team. 

_________________________________________     __________
Student's Signature                                              Date

I understand why my child is ineligible, and understand what they must do to successfully return to the team. 

_________________________________________     __________
Parent's Signature                                                Date

The teacher of the class can sign off if the student is passing and in good standing before the week’s end. 

_________________________________________     __________
Teacher's Signature                                              Date


Download a copy of the Eligibility Form