HMS Athletics

Haverford Middle School offers all 7th and 8th-grade students the ability to participate in after-school athletics during the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons. In order to participate, students must have a complete FamilyID registration. Physicals done at SLMS in June will count for the upcoming school year. Example: "If you are playing in 2023-2024, a Physical Exam Form (Section 6) must be dated June 1st, 2023 or after." 

Required Athletic Forms

All students trying out for fall sports must be registered via FamilyID by their parents/guardians. Part of the registration process is submitting Section 6: Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner (physical form). 

Physicals must be dated on or after June 1st, 2023
Physicals can be conducted by a family doctor, urgent care, or a minute clinic.


You MUST upload the SECTION 6 PIAA FORM when registering your child. 

Anything other than the PIAA Section 6 form will not be accepted.

Our Athletic Program

Haverford Middle School is a member of the Eastern Delaware County scheduling group. The areas in which we participate throughout the school year are:

Fall Sports



Field Hockey

Boy's Soccer 

Girl's Soccer 

Girl's Tennis

Girls Volleyball

Club Cross County Co-ed 

      Winter Sports        

Boy's Basketball 

Girl's Basketball 



       Spring Sports          


Girl's Lacrosse 

Boy's Lacrosse 

Girl's Softball 

Boy's Tennis

Boy's and Girl's Track and Field 



Stephanie Viola
Physical Education/Athletics

Matthew Crater
Assistant Principal/Athletics

Athletic Trainers:
Brendan Boas
David Androezzi