HMS Musical

2020 Musical

High School Musical

All students looking for information regarding High School Musical auditions, please join our google classroom!  Code: xhtmty.

Cast List

We want to congratulate ALL OF YOU for bringing such talent to auditions this past week. We took the score for dancing and acting combined and made decisions based on your total score. Because of the huge turnout, we needed to not only take talent into considerations but also rehearsal conflicts when casting.

Please fill out THIS FORM BEFORE the first rehearsal to accept your role!

Important Information

First Rehearsal: November 18th @ 2:30 - 4:45pm 

Parent Meeting: November 18th @ 4:45 - 5:15pm 

Troy Bolton


Gabriella Montez


Chad Danforth

John Phillips


Jessie Smith


Dustin Galvin

Kelsi Nielsen


Taylor McKessie


Zeke Baylor

Elizabeth Krissinger


Annie Thompson


Samuel Graff

Sharpay Evans


Rian Evans


Martha Cox

Jocelyn Knorr


Isabella Vasquz-Janik


Amaya Burson

Ms. Darbus


Coach Bolton


Jack Scott

Ava Miller


Matthew Gray


Spencer Mark







Thomas Komar


Maura Cleary-Jasmin


Tatianna Bates

Connor Salvesen


Mira Boston-Susan


Bridget Henry

Max Keating


Emma Bush-Cathy


Ava O'Neill

Madison Gillespie


Taylor Flynn-Cyndra


Olivia Leon

Julia Timoney


Charlotte Rodgers


Emily O'Brien>

Izzy Chickery


Emerson Simmons


Mackenzie Gillespie

Paige Elcock


Mia Hughes


Ella De'Lise

Lulu Gangemi






Domenic Terruso - Ripper


Amelia Ruzzi


Wyatt Delevan - Mongo


Katherine Daly


Ms. Teeeny/Moderator

Bram Shandler


Sophia Urso


Maggie Berkey

Kiera Hornung


Brooke Kelly


Maggie Berkey


Naifa Julia


Ava McGlynn


Isabella Policarpio


Lauren Baxter



 Interest Meeting Letter and Audition Form:


Music Links: HERE

Dance Links: 

 Dance Instructional Video.MOV

 Dance Audition.MOV