Trip Itinery & Notes

7:00 AM:  Equipment Drop-Off
   Students should report to school and drop off ski and snowboard gear in the Girls' Team Room near Gym A/B.
   Please use the 7th Grade entrance on the Golf Road side of the building.  Mr. Murphy will be there giving instructions.
7:40-11:20 AM: Report to Scheduled Classes
   Students should pack their school bags with all homework and weekend assignments.  Schoolbags can be carried on the bus.
   The school WILL NOT be open when we return in the evening.
11:20 AM:  School Day Ends for Students
   Upon dismissal, students should report to gym A/B to change and eat lunch.
   Buss assignments will be given/posted. No changes will be made to bus assignments.
11:45 AM:  Pre-Trip Attendance
   Please be on-time.  Anyone not present at the time attendance is taken will not be attending the trip.
   Buses will be loaded.
12:15 PM:  Departure from HMS
   Buses will depart HMS to Big Boulder Ski Resort.
2:15 PM:  Arrive at Big Boulder
   Students will receive lift ticket, rental paperwork, and will be directed to lockers, rental area and ski school.
   Lockers cost money to open.  Please bring Quarters.  
3:00 PM:  Report to Ski School Meeting Area for Lesson
   Students will be evaluated by a ski school instructor or given a lesson before being allowed to hit the slopes.
SKI & SNOWBOARD....Students may come off the slopes at any time to use resort facilities (lodge, restrooms, food, etc.)
6:45 PM: Students will be called off the slopes
  Return rental equipment.  Change clothes.  Load buses.
7:20 PM:  Post Trip Attendance Taken on the Bus.
   Bus assignments remain the same as they were at departure from HMS.
   Students not returning on the bus will need to complete appropriate paperwork.  Please contact Mr. Murphy.
    Parents picking up students from Big Boulder will be required to show identification.
7:30 PM:  Departure from Big Boulder Ski Resort
   Students will be asked to TEXT or CALL their parent/guardian when we are leaving Big Boulder.
    Students will be asked to TEXT or CALL their parent/guardian when we are 15 minutes from HMS.
9:30 PM:  Arrive at Haverford Middle School
   Please DO NOT block the bus lane on the Darby Road side of the building when waiting for your student.