Student Expectations

Expectations of HMS Students

Haverford Ski & Snowboard trips are school sponsored events. All normal school discipline and behavior rules will apply. Students who cannot behave appropriately in meetings, on the bus, or at the resort may not be permitted to attend future school trips or activities.

Students who fail to follow directions and safety guidelines put other skiers and snowboarders at risk of injury. These students will have their passes revoked and will be asked to sit in the lodge with a chaperone until the trip is over.

Attendance is required at each meeting leading up to the ski trip. Each student is also required to be in school on the day of the trip. If you are absent for any reason you need to contact Mr. Murphy or Ms. Viola.

It is required that all skiers and snowboarders participate in a lesson. If a student has experience skiing or boarding and would like to “test out” of the group lesson, they need to inform Mr. Murphy or Ms. Viola and the Ski School Instructor of their intentions. A ski school instructor will evaluate each student prior to them being released beyond the beginner/ski school area.

Please be certain that all personal equipment is labeled clearly. The School District of Haverford Township is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken equipment.

School Chaperones are not ski or snowboard instructors. A positive experience is dependent upon the honest completion of the rental form explaining the student’s ability and participation in the required group lesson.

Students are responsible for their own equipment. Personal equipment can be brought on the trip and it is suggested that this be labeled and secured when not in use by using a ski lock or ski check area. Rented equipment from the mountain will be cared for and returned in the same condition it was borrowed. 

Students and Chaperones will represent The School District of Haverford Township and the community positively by following directions,  being respectful and enjoying themselves in a safe and responsible manner.