Latin 2nd Quarter Project

1. Database and Online Resources



Ancient and Medieval History Online

Requires a Password


Ancient History Encyclopedia






These two databases are devoted solely to the study of Ancient History. If you'd also like to try general searches in databases, some recommendations can be found under section 3: Search Tips.

2. Print Resources

The library has a lot of books on Ancient Rome. Here are a couple places to get you started. 

1) For general information, you can check in any of our encyclopedias:

Encyclopedia of Ancient Rome       The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Rome      Ancient Greece and Rome: an Encyclopedia for Students  






2) If you want to see every book about Rome, you can search through our Latin Resource List. Clicking on a title will give you more information and let you know if it's available. 

3) Lastly, there's an Annotated Book List. You can search by your topic and see what book in our collection has information for you.

3. Search Tips

Searching Recommendations:

  • Search Terms: Make sure to include "Ancient Rome" + [Your Topic] for results that will be more helpful to you.
  • Short Terms: Databases like you to be brief. Don't type in a full sentence, "How to put on a toga in Ancient Rome". Typing in "Toga" + "Ancient Rome" will get you more results.
  • Remember to use the Find Function (CRTL + F) while reading through your articles. 
  • Try, try again! Brainstorm more keywords to try before you give up on your search.

Where Else to Search: The following databases are general resources. Often, they'll have more information that will help you in your project. However, since they're not dedicated to a single field of study, how helpful they will be will vary.







Gale Research in Context       Gale General One File      Haverford Search







4. Evaluating Sources

If the source is on this page, that means it passes the CRAAP test. If you decide to seek out your own resources, don't forget to use the CRAAP Test for Evaluating Sources.

5. Citation

It's important to give credit to the sources that you use. 

  • Remember! Copy & Paste citations as you browse. That way you can use the permalink inside the citation to get back to your article(s). 
  • If you need an ad-free citation generator feel free to tryZBib

If you need more information about how and why we use citations, as well as in-depth guides, feel free to browse our complete Citation Page.


In case you need them, here are some other handy links: 

  1. Mr. Henry's Teacher Page
  2. Latin 2nd Quarter Project Description & Rubric
  3. Latin 2nd Quarter Project Graphic Organizer