Course Description

Haverford Middle School Health and Physical Education

Course Description

Physical Education: The physical education program incorporates several content areas in a comprehensive program.  Four main objectives include social interaction, active lifestyle, physical fitness, and basic sports understanding.  The program utilizes age appropriate activities that are adaptable for students in grades 6, 7, and 8.

6th Grade Exercise Science: In sixth grade exercise science we will be examining the components of being physically fit. Throughout the quarter we will be learning about prevention of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. By becoming healthier we hope to improve one’s self esteem and become advocates for others fitness. We will also be developing healthy strategies to monitor and evaluate our fitness habits. This class will be presented with many “hands -on” opportunities to improve your lives by receiving recordable results. The material is presented over one quarter, meeting everyday. 

7th Grade Health: In 7th grade Health, we examine a variety of topics that focus on mental, emotional and social health, decision making, stress management and also personal safety. Students will be able to relate to and apply the skills they learn in these areas into their lives now as teenagers.  By examining these topics, the goal is to influence positive behaviors and to help students make healthy decisions that will continue throughout your life.  

8th Grade Health:  In 8th grade health, the students will examine social, mental, and physical changes that occur through puberty. Additionally, the students will also examine changing human reproductive systems, and sexually transmitted diseases.  The class will focus on genetics and human development from conception to birth.  Students will also discuss positive relationships through adolescence, and how they evolve to adulthood.