Family and Consumer Science

An introductory 9-week course for 8th grade students where students will study the use and care of kitchen equipment, kitchen safety and sanitation, food preparation techniques, reading and manipulating recipes, nutrition, etiquette, and childcare skills.  Class activities consist of theory, demonstrations, projects, and assessments.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

1. Identify, select and use appropriate utensils and equipment in the preparation of various types of food

2. Identify cooking terms and their proper applications in food preparation

3. Correctly read and interpret recipes when preparing foods in class

4. Demonstrate safe sanitation practices while preparing, serving and storing food

5. Work as a team in the kitchen towards a common goal of preparing a recipe from start to finish

6. Conduct themselves appropriately in mealtime settings with accurate place settings and by demonstrating proper table manners

7. Recognize the importance of good nutrition for a healthy body

8. Examine an ingredient list and determine the overall nutritional value of the product or recipe

9. Select recipes to create a cohesive and balanced meal

10. Identify and utilize proper childcare skills