Manoa News

Virtual Art Show

Over the past few months, Mrs. Levin assigned Manoa scholars art projects using materials they had lying around the house or in their own backyard.

The wedding of Q&U

Kindergarten students enjoyed a virtual wedding of the letters Q & U.

4B Right Angle Math projects

Mrs. Butler's 4th-grade math students had a chance to show off what they've learned about right angles by creating art projects.

Art class at home

Mrs. Levin's art classes have been busying creating art at home.  Click to learn more.

Read Across America

Celebrating Read Across America day with community leader, school board members, administrators, and staff reading to our scholars.


The character trait for the month of February was Fairness. Scholars who won this award think of others feelings, take turns and share and treat other fairly.

Kindness week

Kindness begins with you!  Our scholars had a great week that was filled with many acts of kindness and activities.  Click to learn more about our week.

Kindness Bingo

Home & Community Kindness Challenge: Complete and color 5 squares on your BINGO board by Friday, Feb. 21st, 2020.

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